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Beware: KO Bumper out

KO Bumpers had been seen previously loose. Now they're appearing carded as well:

Beware! Don't get scammed...

New ID Guides / Updated KO List

A few updates:

  • Weirdwolf and Mindwipe guides have been added.
  • Gears, Wheelie, Bumper and Soundwave knockoffs are out now too -- Gears, Bumper, and Wheelie are just like the other Minibots (obvious centered hole punch) and the Soundwave knockoff just uses the existing box/styro that has been around for years. So no new guides needed for those.
  • A bunch of loose stuff was produced recently as well, including E-Hobby Astrotrain, several minibots, and several Autobot cars. They are all listed in the "KO List" link above. Buyer beware...
  • Fixed links to Coolyooyu's guides.

Try -- New in-stock/restock email service

Hi everyone!

I've been spending a lot of time working on an email update service that tells you when Transformers (and other toy lines) come into stock at Toys R Us, Hasbro Toy Shop, Target, Walmart, Lego Store, and Mattel's Online Store. If you're in the USA and you've been frustrated when you miss out on new releases and restocks, this service will solve your problem! :)

Please check it out here:

Sorry the highendtfs site hasn't been updated in a while! I hope to get back to it eventually. As always, let me know if you find any errors in the guides. Thanks!!

KO ROTF Leader Optimus Prime figure differences

User adrnalyn posted this useful guide on TFW for telling the difference between a real Leader Optimus and a KO one:

There have been several counterfeits based on this mold in the last year or so: normal Leader Optimus, Buster Prime, Amazon Exclusive Black version, etc. This guide should help with id-ing all of them once you get the toy out of the box.

KO Masterpiece Ratbat ID Guide

Cax6ton put together an ID guide for Masterpiece Ratbat counterfeits. Check it out here:

(Scroll up for a few additional comparison pictures as well.)

Thanks to RoboticPlanet for pointing this gem out.

KO Scorponok Loose ID Guide by Brr-Icy

Brr-Icy has done an out-of-the-box comparison of the Cat-Toys KO Scorponok. Check it out here:

New ID Guides Added and Links Fixed

All the Coolyooyu ID Guide links are working again. In addition, two new Coolyooyu guides have been added:

  • Defensor
  • Cyclonus

Also, some tips from Chinese website ACToys have been added for IDing loose knockoffs of the Minibots, Insecticons, Gnaw, Superion, and Weirdwolf. Click on the quick links to the right to check them out.

What's next for HighEndTFs? Let us know what you want!

There haven't been a lot of updates on this website recently, and in a way, that's a good thing. Zhong Jin hasn't produced any fake G1 toys in a long time. But I'd still like to keep updating this site, so how do you guys want this site to expand in the future? Which of these sounds most useful to you?
  • KO ID guides for Masterpiece figures
  • KO ID guides for movie TF figures (Leader Optimus, Human Alliance, etc.)
  • More in-depth ID guides for G1 knockoffs, including out-of-packaging comparisons
  • 'In Stock'/'Restock' notification service for Toys R Us, HasbroToyShop, Amazon, etc.
  • More Headrobots exclusives
Let me know where the interest is and I'll start getting to work on the new sections of the site.

KO Scorponok ID Guide

Counterfeit Masterpiece Sideswipe is out, and so is an ID guide

opt1musaber from TFW put together this ID Guide:



1* Compared to the original, the "KO" is a lot sharper whereas the original is more blurred.

2* The lines shown in the original are missing on the "KO"

3* The shadowing is more pronounced on the "KO" than the original.

4* Car reflection on "KO" is missing compared to original.

5* Sideswipe's reflection in robot mode has less contrast in colours than the original, it looks more dull. There's also a section of the car mode in the reflection that is unclear unlike the original. The original you can clearly see the reflection of the car mode


Additionally, look at the positioning of the word "MASTERPIECE" under the TF logo. It's further right on the counterfeit and almost touches the tiny "More than meets the eye" text.

Lastly, in the part labeled "5", there is a small black area that used to have the car mode reflection there. A lot of the differences listed above are just grays turned into black, but this small black area seems totally new, and makes it really easy to spot.

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